Learners of the Week

Week ending Friday 4th October


Desert Class

Year 6: Our Learner of the Week is Raife. He has demonstrated skills of a ‘Changing Chameleon’. Year 6s have been learning how to use some technical punctuation in our booster session this week. When applying these skills to our current piece of writing, Raife demonstrated that he had a good understanding of these new skills. Well done!

Year 5: Our Learner of the Week is Verity. Verity has been a ‘Have a Go’ Gorilla this week in our Numeracy lessons. She has practised using formal column methods for addition and subtraction with some very big numbers. We have been impressed with her positive attitude and she has been really pleased with her success and achievements! Well done Verity!

Ocean Class

Year 4: Our Year 4 Learner of the Week is George!
George has been a busy Bee this week by really thinking about getting his learning tasks finished to move up the learning ladder; particularly in maths. He has worked with his teacher in reaction groups to improve his growing greens and try the greater depth challenges. Excellent effort!

Year 3: Our Year 3 Learner of the Week is Samuel!
Samuel has been a have a go Gorilla this week by really having a go at all his learning tasks independently. He has listened to what he has to do, and tried really hard; particularly in maths and when completing his reading comprehension. Brilliant work!

Woodland Class

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Jacob. It has been pleasing to see Jacob ‘having  a go’ at all of the activities in class this week. He has created an alien friend for Beegu and has ‘had a go’ at writing some sentences in Science, describing properties of materials. Keep up the hard work Jacob!

Jungle Class

Year 1: Lily
Lily has been working very hard this week to complete independent tasks. She has shown herself to be a real concentrating crocodile and made sure she does not get distracted. This has enabled her to finish her challenges and begin to work her way up the learning ladder. Well done Lily!

Reception: Darcey
Darcey shows real pride in what she does, whether it is during her learning or playing a game with a friend. She takes care to always help to tidy up and look after Jungle Class’s things. Darcey is always there to offer her teachers and her friends a helping hand. What a fantastic example you are setting! Well done Darcey.


Caring Cup

The winner of the Caring Cup is Joshua (year 6). Joshua was holding the door open for parents coming into school and he was so polite. When they thanked him, he responded to them, e.g. “Your welcome”.
This was lovely to see. Well done Joshua!


Mathletics Stars

Susie – Year 4
Gold certificate winner

Zack – Year 4 & Henry – Year 6
Both silver certificate winners

You have all been working really hard to practise your maths skills using Mathletics this week.
Well done!

Improvements in speed of recall

Our winners this week are Year 3s!

82% of the children in Year 3 have improved their speed of recalling their times tables
(over the last month).
That is amazing! Well done!

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