Dorset School Games Virtual Competitions: Cricket & Gymnastics

We are excited to be able to share with you the launch of the next Dorset School Games Virtual Competitions: Cricket and Gymnastics. These events will run from Monday 15th June until Friday 26th June.

Please find below the interactive PDFs for both events which give instructions, demonstrations and a link to record results. The events have been designed in association with Dorset Cricket and Head over Heels Gymnastics to be as inclusive as possible and to cater safely for children either learning from home or those in school. Also attached are inclusion adaptations for both events for those students who may benefit from their use.

Virtual-Cricket-Dorset-School-Games.pdf Virtual-Gymnastics-Dorset-School-Games.pdf Cricket-Inclusion-Adaptations-PDF.pdf Gymnastics-Inclusion-Adaptations-PDF.pdf

This event is a great opportunity to provide some meaningful competition and fun activities for students to do, whilst importantly giving them that sense of belonging from representing their schools which they have been missing over the COVID-19 Period.

The organisers are happy for, and do encourage, everyone in the household to take part in the Virtual Competitions (where possible) but do ask that all activity takes take place under suitable supervision, ensuring

• All surfaces are clear, dry and free from debris;

• Sufficient space is cleared around all activity, ensuring the space is obstacles free.

There will be follow up events with two more virtual events: tennis and dance, which will run from 29th June for two weeks.

Provided by Dorset Schools Games organisers.

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