Year 6 Fire Lighting / Bushcraft and Compass Skills Workshop

Steph, from Leeson House Field Studies Centre, came to our school to lead these workshops for all of our Year 6 children. We all had great fun and learnt lots too!

The first technique to start the fire was to use a fire striker to create a spark against some cotton wool. Once the children had conquered this technique, they then were able to gather natural materials to add to their lit cotton wool, to create a mini bonfire.

The second technique was used by the Vikings and was much trickier! The children used metal against a sharp edge of a lint stone to create a spark. A tiny piece of charcloth was held against the lint to try and catch a spark. If this happened, an ember and slight orange glow could be seen. They then used tiny threads of cotton wool to add to this ember on their shovel to start a small fire. Some of the children succeeded and Ella was named the ‘Viking fire-making princess!’

The children showed great perseverance and determination! We definitely found the modern- day technique much easier and are glad we don’t live in Viking times!

Steph then taught the children how to use a compass and bearings. They followed instructions using North, South, East and West as well as degrees.

A huge thank you to Steph for leading these workshops for us. We all had a fantastic day!

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