North Dorset Primary Leadership Academy – Bronze Sports Ambassadors

Nico Stone (North Dorset School Games Organiser) led the leadership training with our Year 5 & 6 children.

Lots of children every year from across the County are interested in taking on this role, however only a select few from each school can be trained.  These children showed a keen interest and feel they will be a good leader and commit to this role.

The roles and responsibilities of the Bronze Young Ambassadors are:

·         To increase participation of sport and healthy lifestyles within our school – through leading lunchtime clubs for younger children in the school (this will be done slightly differently this year and we are looking at pre-recording some activities)

·         To promote the positive values of sport

·         To be an ambassador and role model advocating PE and school sport

We look forward to working with our Sports Leaders and promoting sport within our school.

Well done to you all for your participation and enthusiasm during your training session.

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