Welcome to Desert Class

Welcome to Desert Class. All of the Year 5 and Year 6 children are in Desert Class. The main class teacher is Mrs Vail (who works in school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). Mr Wharton teaches in Desert Class on a Thursday. The teaching assistants are Mrs Wood and Miss Ryan.

Desert Class Home Learning during school closure

W/B 30th March

Desert Project 2 – Science focus Desert-Home-Learning-Project-2-Science.pdf Project-2-Resource-A-plant-animal-adaptations.pdf Project-2-Resource-C-quiz.pdf

Mathletics – The next set of tasks link to Geometry – Position and Direction. Remember when you read co-ordinates, x (horizontal) comes before y (vertical)! The first set of tasks set this week focus on Shape – Angles. You may need to recap previous learning and perhaps learn some new facts too. I have found some useful clips on You Tube.

Times Tables Rock Stars – New battles have been set up to start at 9am Monday morning.

Reading Eggspress – I have tried to set you a comprehension assignment this week. (year 6) – I have set an activity focussed on Synonyms & Antonyms this week.

Spellings – Spellings to learn – WB 23.03.20 & 30.03.20

You have a copy of these stuck in your homework books. The homophones are tricky. Please make sure you know how to use these words, not just spell them. Here are some activities which may be useful and fun too!

Spelling Tricky Homophones and Near Homophones PowerPoint

Crossword using tricky homophones or near homophones

Fill in the missing gaps – Spelling Activity using tricky homophones or near homophones

Wordsearch – Spelling Activity

Activity – Create a guide to spelling tricky homophones and near homophones

White Rose Maths is a great website! They have set up a home learning section with videos and activities linked to the objectives for each year group. The objectives don’t always match the tasks that I have set on Mathletics but may be an excellent revision activity or some new learning that we haven’t yet covered in school. Visit the website link below and click on the appropriate year group on the right.

Review of W/B 23rd March – week 1

Well done to you all for all of the fantastic learning during this first week at home. Here are some photos to share with you all…

Quest 1  Quest 2 Quest 3 Quest 4

Year 6 were the overall winners of the TTRS battles this week with Year 5 in 2nd place! Well done to all of Desert class for taking part 🙂


Mathletics Certificate winners this week

Bronze – Antonia (x2), Joshy B, Sydney, Ryan, Libby, Ella, Daisy and Matt

Well done to you all!

Remarkable Readers

I can see that lots of you have been using Reading Eggpress during this first week at home which is great!

Our Remarkable Readers this week are Lila (4.3 hours); Ryan (3.7 hours); and Matt (2.3 hours). Well done!

We also have 5 bronze trophy winners – Bobbie, Ryan, Matt, Gracie and Lila. Congratulations!

Desert Project 1 – Quest focus Desert-Home-Learning-Project-1-Quest.pdfThis work links to the Quest topic you have been completing in school.

Revision of Spellings – These are the spellings that the children have learnt during this academic year. Please practise and  revise them to make sure you know them. Why not try some of our multi-sensory spellings ideas at home 🙂 Year-5-6-Spellings-covered-Sep-2019-Apr-2020-1.pdf Year-3-4-Spellings-revised-Sep-2019-Apr-2020.pdf Multi-sensory-Spelling-Activities.pdf

Numeracy objectives – The tasks set on Mathletics by your teacher will link to these objectives. Please re-visit previous activities that you have completed and have a go at some new areas on Mathletics also. Desert-Numeracy-coverage-Spring-T-2-notes-1.docx

During the school closure, we would like you to complete some home learning. Depending on individual family circumstances, your capacity to do this may vary e.g. parent work commitments etc. Our advice would be to try to aim for about 2 hours of home learning each day. This ideally would be broken up into smaller chunks of time e.g. half an hour at a time. We do not want to put pressure on families during this already stressful and uncertain times so please do what you can. Teachers will be updating their class pages weekly so please check this regularly. Thank you for your continued support.


Hunting for Easter Chocolate Coins

Desert Class had fun searching the playground for chocolate coins.

P.E. Lessons

We are really enjoying our PE lessons. This term we have coaches leading Netball and Badminton.


Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2 2020

Literacy Writing

We have focussed our Literacy unit around this book. This week the children acted in role as they conducted a police interview to find out what happened on Tuesday night. The children got into character well, asking open questions as well as providing realistic but imaginative details in their answers.

Curriculum Letter Spring Term 1 2020

Celebration of Quest Topic work

On  Wednesday 11th December, we held a Victorian Day in Desert Class. Read the attached letter to find out more details. Victorian Day in school.

The children all had a great day.

Click on the link below to visit the News article to see more photos from  our Victorian  Day:

Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 2 2019

Curriculum Letter – Autumn Term 1 2019

Desert Class – Handwriting

Art in our Quest Topic lessons

The children have enjoyed their art activities linked to our Quest topic, The Victorians.

P.E. lessons

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Tag Rugby and Basketball lessons during this first half term. We have had coaches in school to lead these sessions.

Working in Learning Buddies

The children in Desert class have been practising working together. We have discussed what makes a good learning buddy and how we can achieve this within our activities in class.

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