Welcome to Desert Class

Welcome to Desert Class. All of the Year 5 and Year 6 children are in Desert Class. The main class teacher is Mrs Vail (who works in school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). Mr Wharton teaches in Desert Class on a Thursday. The teaching assistants are Mrs Wood and Miss Ryan.

Desert Class Home Learning during school closure

Half Term Week (W/B 25th May)

Please make sure you get some time to relax this week and take a break from your home learning. You have all been working so hard over this last half term. Well done to each and every one of you – you are all fantastic and I am so impressed with your work ethic and positive attitudes! On the front page of the website, I have posted some ideas and suggestions of some fun activities to have a go at this week at home but this is entirely up to you whether you want to. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you all have a fantastic week and a well-deserved rest. From Mrs Vail.

Review of Home Learning from Week 5 (W/B 18th May)

It sounds like you have had great fun being scientists this week! The milk magic, cornflour slime and lava lamp experiments seem to be favourites so far and really effective.

SC Video Lava Lamp

TTRS Battle Results are in…

1st place – Year 6 who won all 3 of their battles with a whopping 6,962 points! Congratulations!!

2nd place – Year 4 who won 2 of their battles with an amazing 6,953 points!

3rd place – Year 5 who won 1 of their battles with a fantastic 6,304 points!

Well done to everyone who took part! These are amazing scores. It is really pleasing  to see that nearly every child in KS2 earned some points for their teams.

A special mention must go to these children who scored a lot of points for their teams:

Jenson (4,833 for Yr 5); Ella (4,018 for Yr 6); George (3,131 for Yr 4); Adam (2,298 for Yr 4); and Hollie (1,874 for Yr 6). Well done to you Times Tables Rock Stars!

Remarkable Readers

We have two Bronze trophy winners this week! Congratulations to Ella and Sammy!

Our top Remarkable Readers this week are Ella (2.2 hours); Libby (1.8 hours); Ryan (1.5 hours); Lila (1.4 hours); Hazel (1.3 hours); Antonia (1.2 hours); Hollie (1.1 hours); and Daisy (1 hour).

These children have been busy using Reading Eggspress this week.

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Mathletics Certificate Winners

A huge well done to our certificate winners this week!

Gold – Antonia


Silver – Hazel, Antonia, Henry & Darcie


Bronze – Sydney, Ryan, Ella, Jess, Hazel, Antonia, Henry, Darcie & Hollie.



Week 5, Summer Term 1 (W/B 18th May)


Watch the teaching videos on their website  and then download the activities below.

This week’s spelling list and activities can be found below.

Spelling-List-2.pdf Spellings-Look-Cover-Write-Check.pdf Spelling-Crossword-linked-to-year-5-6-statutory-words.pdf Handwriting-Practice-linked-to-year-3-4-words.pdf Spelling-Word-Search-linked-to-year-3-4-revision-words.pdf


This week’s focus for our project is Science. Have fun being a Scientist!



As it is the last week of this half term, I thought we should have battles between every year group in KS2 to see who the overall champions are going to be! The battle starts on Monday at 9am. Get ready to battle!

Review of Home Learning from Week 4 (W/B 11th May)

AO What Hindus Believe About God      AP RE Project Hindus B     AP RE Project Hindus Puja          AP RE Project Hindus

TTRS Battle Results are in…

Congratulations to Year 4 and Year 5 who won their battles this week!



Remarkable Readers

Our top Remarkable Readers this week are Jess (2.6 hours); Antonia (2.3 hours); Jenson (2 hours); Libby (1.8 hours); Ella & Olivia F (both 1.1 hours); and Ryan (1 hour).

These children have been busy using Reading Eggspress this week. Congratulations to all of our winners!


Mathletics Certificate Winners

A huge well done to our certificate winners this week!

Silver – Hollie

Bronze – Sydney, Libby, Ella, Jess, Henry, Gracie T, Darcie & Hollie



Week 4, Summer Term 1 (W/B 11th May)


As a school we have subscribed to White Rose Maths. We have been really impressed with their resources and the feedback from children and parents has been incredibly positive. You need to watch the teaching videos on their website and then download the activities below.

This week’s spelling list and activities can be found below.

Spelling-List-1.pdf Spelling-Activity-linked-to-year-5-6-words.pdf Spelling-Activity-linked-to-year-3-4-revision-words-see-pg-2.pdf Spelling-Wordsearch-includes-all-of-the-spelling-words.pdf

In Desert class, the R.E. unit of work for this half term is Hindu Beliefs. This is the focus of this week’s project.


There is a battle set up ready for this week.

Let’s see who our champions will be!


Review of Home Learning from Week 3 (W/B 4th May)

Lots of you have told me how much you have enjoyed your project work this week. That’s great to hear! Some of you have  been finishing off work from your Mayan project last week too. Well done! Thank you for sending in your photos to share with us.

EH What is VE day?      EH VE day cooking

Remarkable Readers

Our top 5 Remarkable Readers this week are Libby (1.5 hours); Ryan (1.2 hours); Lila (58 minutes); Ella (55 minutes); and Jess (47 minutes).

These children have been busy using Reading Eggspress this week. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Mathletics Certificate Winners

Silver – Ella & Daisy.


Bronze –  Ryan D, Ella, Jess, Daisy, Antonia & Hollie.


Well done to all of our certificate winners this week!


Week 3, Summer Term 1 (W/B 4th May)


For this week, we have prepared a whole school project linked to the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Whole-School-Project-linked-to-75th-anniversary-of-VE-Day.pdf This is also posted on the home page of the school website along with any resources that you may need.


Here are 4 activities to support you in practising your spellings this week: Spelling-Activity-linked-to-yr-5-6-words.pdf (You have 12 spelling words on your list but there are 13 sentences in the above activity. The extra statutory word that you need is marvellous).

Spelling-Fortune-Teller.pdf Handwriting-to-practise-yr-3-4-revision-spelling-words.pdf Wordsearch-yr-3-4-revision-spelling-words.pdf

From this week, White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize Maths units of work run alongside one another.


There aren’t any battles set this week on TTRS. How about challenging a friend on Rock Slam?



Review of Home Learning from Week 2 (W/B 27th April)

Wow Desert Class! I am so impressed with how hard you are all working at home. You are all superstars! It was lovely to speak to some of you on the phone this week. If I haven’t managed to call you yet, I will try and phone during this next week for a catch up.

Take a look at all of your fantastic learning from this week…

DN spelling activity     DN spellings      EKM Quest Religion & Gods          GT Quest Haab calendar         GT Quest Jade investigation        GT Quest Project Religion & Gods      MR Quest Maya Religion & Gods    JK Quest Maya Location      EH Quest Jade investigation

Remarkable Readers

These children have been busy using Reading Eggspress this week. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Our top 5 Remarkable Readers this week are: Libby (2.4 hours); Gracie (2.2 hours); Antonia (1.9 hours); and Lila and Bobbie (both 1.8 hours).

Bobbie has achieved a Bronze Trophy this week. Well done!

Mathletics Certificate Winners

Congratulations to these children this week!

Silver – Jess
Bronze – Joshy B, Ryan D, Ella, Jess, Daisy, Antonia, Henry, Darcie & Hollie.      Well done to you all!



We also need to say well done to Daisy who achieved a Silver & Gold certificate last week! Brilliant maths learning! 🙂



TTRS Battle Results

Congratulations to Year 6 who won their battle this week! 🙂

Well done Year 5 – I know you didn’t win but you have achieved a fantastic score! 🙂

Week 2, Summer Term 1 (W/B 27th April)

You are all doing really well with your home learning.  Keep up the hard work!

Please see below the work that has been set for you this week.  Please remember the timetable has been written as guidance, to help you plan your learning through the week.  Try to complete as much as you can but please do not be concerned if you do not complete everything!  I hope you enjoy the learning for this week. I can’t wait to see your photos!

Desert-Class-Timetable-Week-2.pdf Desert-Home-Learning-Project-4-Quest.pdf Spelling-List-and-revision-task.pdf WK-2-Spelling-Activity-Yr-5-6-words.pdf

Review of Home Learning from Week 1, Summer Term 1 (W/B 20th April)

Wow! You have been really busy this week with your home learning. We have so many certificate and trophy winners. I have looked at the achievements from the Easter holidays and this first week of the Summer Term. Well done to you all!

Mathletics Certificates Winners

Silver – Joshy B & Antonia     

Bronze –  Joshy B, Libby, Ella x 3, Jess x 2, Daisy,  Antonia x2, Verity & Henry.


TTRS Battle Results

Congratulations to Year 5 who won the battle this week!

Remarkable Readers

Our top 5 Remarkable Readers this week are: Lila (19.2 hours); Hollie (14.9 hours); Antonia (14.5 hours); and Jenson and Gracie (both 11.1 hours).

Bronze Trophy winners: Ella, Erin & Joshy.



Thank you for sending in photos to share with us. We love to see what you have been up to at home.

Click on the links below to see some more fab home learning:

MPC – Come Dine With Me             MPC Quest Project – Rivers                MPC Science Project – Fossil                 MPC Science Project – Fossils Info                   MPC Science Project – Giraffes                                          JG Literacy – Why Support the World Wildlife    AP – Literacy              AP – Quest Project 3        GT – Quest Project

Week 1, Summer Term 1 (W/B 20th April)

I hope you have had a very happy Easter and have had lots of opportunities to have some rest and time with your families.

I have put together a timetable for your home learning this week to explain the tasks that I would like you to work on. Desert-Class-Timetable-Week-1.pdf

We are going to be using White Rose Maths. On the timetable, I have noted which lessons I would like you to focus on. You need to watch the video linked to each lesson and then have a go at the Activity. You don’t need to print the activities if you don’t want to – most of them you should be able to view on your screen then you can jot your answers down in your home learning books. Once completed, please have a look at the answers and see how you have got on.

Year 6 Maths:

There are 3 video clips to support your learning this week about Ratio.

Year 5:

You’ll find daily lessons for homeschooling in Maths and English for every year group, as well as regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more.

From the timetable, for this first week, you can see I would like you to focus mainly on a Literacy writing task, with a little bit of time spent on our new Quest topic. Next week, we will mainly focus on the Quest topic, with Literacy tasks linked to this.


The resources and documents you need are attached below. Literacy-Task-Charity-Choice-Persuasive-Writing.pdf Literacy-Task-Charity-Choice-Planning-Sheet.pdf Spelling-List.pdf Spellings-Look-Cover-Write-Check.pdf WK-1-Homophones-Presentation.ppt WK-1-Homophones-Match-Up-Activity.pdf WK-1-Homophones-Handwriting.pdf WK-1-Homophones-Wordsearch.pdf WK-1-Yr-3-4-Revision-of-Homophones-Presentation.ppt





Review of W/B 30th March – week 2

Wow! You have been super busy again this week. Well done to you all for your fantastic home learning.

Mathletics Certificate winners this week

Gold – Sydney & Libby.

Silver – Sydney, Ryan D, Libby, Ella & Lila.

Bronze – Joshy B, Sydney, Ryan D, Sammy, Libby, Ella, Lila, Jess, Erin, Joseph, Daisy, Antonia, Aksharan & Darcie.

Wow! This is amazing! Well done to you all. 🙂

Results of this week’s battle

The scores on TTRS this week were so high and such an  improvement on last week! Congratulations to Year 6 who were the overall winners.


Remarkable Readers

Our top 3 remarkable readers this week are: Antonia (4.7 hours); Lila (3.5 hours); and Joshy (3.4 hours). Great reading!

We have 5 bronze trophies winners this week: Joshy, Ryan, Antonia, Lila, Erin and Libby. Wohoo! Congratulations to you all!

Click on the links below to see some of our home learning from this past week:

JK Quest Project Rivers        AO Science Project Fossils          AP Science Charles Darwin

AP Science Quiz           AP Science Sketch                AP Science Fossils

Here are some photos to share…


Home Learning W/B 30th March

Desert Project 2 – Science focus. This links to the Science unit from this half term: Evolution and Inheritance. Please continue your learning at home by completing these tasks. Desert-Home-Learning-Project-2-Science.pdf Project-2-Resource-A-plant-animal-adaptations.pdf Project-2-Resource-C-quiz.pdf

Mathletics – The next set of tasks link to Time (for Year 5) and Identifying parts of circles (for Year 6). For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be any Time activities on Mathletics for year 6 – please find  this in your Revision Guide and have a go at any questions.

Earlier in  the week, I set tasks linked to Geometry – Position and Direction. Remember when you read co-ordinates, x (horizontal) comes before y (vertical)!

The first set of tasks set this week focus on Shape – Angles. You may need to recap previous learning and perhaps learn some new facts too.

Times Tables Rock Stars – New battles have been set up.

Reading Eggspress – I have set you a comprehension assignment this week. Please continue with other tasks too. (year 6) – I have set an activity focussed on Synonyms & Antonyms this week.

SpellingsSpellings to learn – WB 23.03.20 & 30.03.20

You have a copy of these stuck in your homework books. The homophones are tricky. Please make sure you know how to use these words, not just spell them. Here are some activities which may be useful and fun too!

Spelling Tricky Homophones and Near Homophones PowerPoint

Crossword using tricky homophones or near homophones

Fill in the missing gaps – Spelling Activity using tricky homophones or near homophones

Wordsearch – Spelling Activity

Activity – Create a guide to spelling tricky homophones and near homophones

White Rose Maths is a great website! They have set up a home learning section with videos and activities linked to the objectives for each year group.

White Rose have released ‘KS2 Problems of the Day’. I have attached the powerpoint below. If you view it as a slide show, you can see the problems set (without the answers). Have a go in your Home Learning books then view the answers to see if you are correct!


Review of W/B 23rd March – week 1

Well done to you all for all of the fantastic learning during this first week at home. Here are some photos to share with you all…

Click on the files below to see some more fantastic home learning:

Quest 1  Quest 2 Quest 3 Quest 4

Year 6 were the overall winners of the TTRS battles this week with Year 5 in 2nd place! Well done to all of Desert class for taking part 🙂


Mathletics Certificate winners this week

Bronze – Antonia (x2), Joshy B, Sydney, Ryan, Libby, Ella, Daisy and Matt

Well done to you all!

Remarkable Readers

I can see that lots of you have been using Reading Eggpress during this first week at home which is great!

Our Remarkable Readers this week are Lila (4.3 hours); Ryan (3.7 hours); and Matt (2.3 hours). Well done!

We also have 5 bronze trophy winners – Bobbie, Ryan, Matt, Gracie and Lila. Congratulations!

Desert Project 1 – Quest focus Desert-Home-Learning-Project-1-Quest.pdfThis work links to the Quest topic you have been completing in school.

Revision of Spellings – These are the spellings that the children have learnt during this academic year. Please practise and  revise them to make sure you know them. Why not try some of our multi-sensory spellings ideas at home 🙂 Year-5-6-Spellings-covered-Sep-2019-Apr-2020-1.pdf Year-3-4-Spellings-revised-Sep-2019-Apr-2020.pdf Multi-sensory-Spelling-Activities.pdf

Numeracy objectives – The tasks set on Mathletics by your teacher will link to these objectives. Please re-visit previous activities that you have completed and have a go at some new areas on Mathletics also. Desert-Numeracy-coverage-Spring-T-2-notes-1.docx

During the school closure, we would like you to complete some home learning. Depending on individual family circumstances, your capacity to do this may vary e.g. parent work commitments etc. Our advice would be to try to aim for about 2 hours of home learning each day. This ideally would be broken up into smaller chunks of time e.g. half an hour at a time. We do not want to put pressure on families during this already stressful and uncertain times so please do what you can. Teachers will be updating their class pages weekly so please check this regularly. Thank you for your continued support.


Hunting for Easter Chocolate Coins

Desert Class had fun searching the playground for chocolate coins.

P.E. Lessons

We are really enjoying our PE lessons. This term we have coaches leading Netball and Badminton.


Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2 2020

Literacy Writing

We have focussed our Literacy unit around this book. This week the children acted in role as they conducted a police interview to find out what happened on Tuesday night. The children got into character well, asking open questions as well as providing realistic but imaginative details in their answers.

Curriculum Letter Spring Term 1 2020

Celebration of Quest Topic work

On  Wednesday 11th December, we held a Victorian Day in Desert Class. Read the attached letter to find out more details. Victorian Day in school.

The children all had a great day.

Click on the link below to visit the News article to see more photos from  our Victorian  Day:

Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 2 2019

Curriculum Letter – Autumn Term 1 2019

Desert Class – Handwriting

Art in our Quest Topic lessons

The children have enjoyed their art activities linked to our Quest topic, The Victorians.

P.E. lessons

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Tag Rugby and Basketball lessons during this first half term. We have had coaches in school to lead these sessions.

Working in Learning Buddies

The children in Desert class have been practising working together. We have discussed what makes a good learning buddy and how we can achieve this within our activities in class.

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