School Life

At 8:45am we open the school door and together children, mums, dads and family members are welcomed into the school building.  Some of the children can be seen choosing a new library book with their parent, families have a chance to meet and children have the opportunity to prepare themselves, say goodbye to parents and enter the classroom.

Breakfast club is available to all children and runs from 8am – 9am.  Parents can pre-book Breakfast Club or can use the facility on an ad-hoc basis.  The children are provided with breakfast and can join in with the fun activities.

In each class, the children will start the day with a ‘start of the day’ activity which the class teacher will have prepared.  Each class has a noticeboard outside of the classroom with the class timetable set-out.

If parents wish to speak to the class teacher, this can be arranged after school or in urgent cases teachers can meet with parents before school but this is by prior arrangement.

All of the children go out to play at break time and lunch time together.  It is always a joy to watch the children from across all ages play with each other.  The children have a range of activities to choose from including playing on the trim-trail, playing on the wooden play equipment, playing with the equipment stored in the play shed or joining in with one of the lunch time clubs led by the older children.

At the end of the school day, the class teachers lead the class out of the school and hand the children over to their parents.  Parents must inform the school if they wish for their child to go home with a friend or alternative family member.

There are a range of after school clubs that children are able to choose to join.  These clubs are arranged on a termly basis and very often lead-up to a competition within the pyramid.

After school and holiday club provision is available at the on-site Maypole Day Nursery.

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