The School Day

The School Day

Children may arrive from 8.45am.

  • School day starts at 9.00am with registration in class
  • Morning break: 10.30 – 10.45 am
  • Lunch: 12.00 – 1.00pm
  • Afternoon break: 2.15pm (KS1 only)
  • School day ends at 3.15pm

It is important that your child does not arrive at school before 8.45am, as there is no-one on duty outside and therefore no-one responsible for your child in case of incident or accident. Children, who need to be in school before 8.45am, should enrol in Breakfast Club.




Morning and lunchtime playtime

We have a fantastic site with a great outdoor space for the children to play in at break times and lunchtimes.

Lunchtime Clubs

Some of our oldest children in our school choose to lead lunchtime clubs for the younger children to attend. During  the Autumn Term, they are offering Dodgeball, Story Telling, Art, Football and Change for Life Sports club.



With around 100 children on the school premises, it is essential that clothing, school bags and lunch boxes are clearly labelled. Likewise any other permitted items that are brought to school. Property is not covered by insurance. Watches may be worn, on the understanding that pupils are responsible for them. Wearing an inexpensive watch is a sensible precaution. Toys, swop cards or any article of value etc should not be brought to school. Although the loss of articles by theft is very rare, the risk is always there in any school environment – it is better to avoid that risk.


The safety of all members of the school community is paramount. Please help us to achieve this by observing the following rules:

  1. You may park in the school car park to drop off and collect your children if there is space. The disabled spaces are reserved for holders of Disabled badges.
  2. If there is no space in the car park you must go around the roundabout and exit the school grounds to find a parking space in the surrounding roads. Please exit via the roadway, not via the car park.
  3. Do not park on the pavement/walkways/roundabout or on the double yellow lines. When you park in these areas and around the zebra crossing you restrict the traffic flow and reduce visibility for pedestrians which put lives at risk.
  4. Drop off zone in the morning – you may not park or leave vehicles unattended in the Drop off zone, this is the hatched area marked with the words NO PARKING. The purpose of this area is for those who wish to drop children off and drive away immediately in the mornings.
  5. Drop off zone in the afternoon. You may wait here to collect in the afternoon but since there are only 4 spaces please think carefully and leave those spaces free for people with small children/special circumstances.
  6. Always drive extremely slowly in the school grounds and in Augustan Avenue.

We have a bicycle rack on the school premises and we encourage as many children as possible to cycle or walk to and from school. If it is not possible to walk or cycle then please try to car share. This will lessen congestion and the environmental damage associated with car journeys. The fewer cars we have on the school premises, the less likely we are to have an accident.

Your co-operation is much appreciated.

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