Golden Rules

  • Do be gentle.
  • Do not hurt anybody.
  • Do be kind and helpful.
  • Do not hurt people’s feelings.
  • Do work hard.
  • Do not waste your and other people’s time.
  • Do look after property.
  • Do not waste or damage things.
  • Do listen to people.
  • Do not interrupt.
  • Do be honest
  • Do not cover up the truth.

Good behaviour and discipline stem from the Christian ethos of the school. The school rules are the same across the school and apply both within and beyond the classroom.  These are referred to as our Golden Rules.

At Shillingstone Primary School we expect all our children to keep to the Golden Rules.  We believe that children should be rewarded for their efforts and this is why the Golden Rules are directly related to Golden Time.

Golden Time occurs once a week for 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon.  Staff run different activities which children from across the school can choose to join in with.

Please click here to read the school’s Behaviour Policy.

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