Welcome to Woodland Class. Some of the Year 1 children and all of the Year 2 children are in Woodland Class. The main class teacher is Mrs Hillier who teaches in Woodland class Monday to Thursday. On a Friday, Mrs Bray is the class teacher. The teaching assistant is Mrs Allsop.

Woodland Class home / school learning during school closure

Week 2 Learning (30.3.20)

Topic project 2 – A Science topic this week.



Year 1 Adding -s and -es to nouns and verbs. Skirts, raincoats, hoodies, bracelets, words, glasses, buses, boxes, wishes.

Year 2 – Adding suffixes -ment, -ness and -ful. Enjoyment, sadness, careful, playful, plainness, argument, merriment, happiness, plentiful, cheerful.

Practise spelling these words using sensory spelling and then write them in sentences. Can you include adjectives and adverbs in your sentences? Can you extend your sentences using conjunctions?


Reading Eggs

Carry on with your reading. Who will be our remarkable readers this week?

Can you create your own story using The Story Factory?


Year 1: Telling the time to the hour and half hour.

Year 2: Money – value of different coins and giving change.

I will set more tasks throughout the week.

Maths Problem of the Day

Every morning I will post a new Maths Problem of the Day for Year 2 – Year 1s are more than welcome to have a go too.

Maths Problem of the Day 2

Times Table Rock Stars

Can you beat your score from last week?

White Rose Maths is a great website! They have set up a home learning section with videos and activities linked to the objectives for each year group. The objectives don’t always match the tasks that I have set on Mathletics but may be an excellent revision activity or some new learning that we haven’t yet covered in school. Visit the website link below and click on the appropriate year group on the right.


Week 1 Review

Remarkable Readers

I can see that lots of you have been using Reading Eggs during this first week at home which is great!

Our Remarkable Readers this week are Jude, who achieved a Gold certificate, Alfie (3.4 hours) and Gracie (3.3 hours). Well done!



Well done to all of you who have been completing your Mathletics tasks.  Here are the certificate winners for the past week:

Elodie, Lottie and Georgiana – bronze!

Kaeshiyann – silver and bronze!

It has been brilliant to see all the fantastic home learning that has been completed this week. Here are a few photos – please keep sending them in as I would love to see what you have all been up to. Well done everyone!

Topic project 1– This work links to the topic you would have been completing in school. Woodland-Class-Quest-Project-SPRING-TERM-2.docx

Numeracy objectives – The tasks set on Mathletics by your teacher will link to these objectives. Please feel free to go onto other areas of Mathletics also. Woodland-Numeracy-coverage-Spring-T-2-notes-2.docx

During the school closure, we would like you to complete some home learning. Depending on individual family circumstances, your capacity to do this may vary e.g. parent work commitments etc. Our advice would be to try to aim for about 2 hours of home learning each day. This ideally would be broken up into smaller chunks of time e.g. half an hour at a time. We do not want to put pressure on families during this already stressful and uncertain times so please do what you can. Teachers will be updating their class pages weekly so please check this regularly. Thank you for your continued support.

Curriculum Letter for Woodland – Jan 2020

Da Vinci’s Parachute

This term in Woodland Class we are learning all about Inventors. Da Vinci is thought of as one of the greatest inventors of all time, as well as an amazing artist. Most of his inventions were not actually made or tested by him. We had a go at creating a parachute based on Da Vinci’s design. We then tested it out and made design adjustments.

The Wright Brothers

We compared the Wright Brother’s gliders with Da Vinci’s gliders then made different paper plane designs and tested them.

Curriculum Letter for Woodland – Nov 2019


We have enjoyed our Gymnastic lessons, learning about balancing and jumping.

Curriculum Letter for Woodland – Sept 2019

Clay Models

In Woodland Class we have been enjoying the book Beegu. In the book, Beegu was lonely and wanted to find some friends so we created Aliens that could be friends with him. We then created models of our aliens using clay.

Sunset Pictures

Using a colour wash we have created sunset pictures in the same style as the illustrations in Beegu.

Sensory Spelling in Woodland Class

The children enjoy learning their spellings in different ways.

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